State Pennants

State Pennants 2020


The Golf State Pennants are an annual competition organised by Croquet NSW. The first rounds of matches are played in regions: Hunter, Northern Sydney, South Coast/ACT and South/West Sydney.


Regional matches need to be concluded by 11th November for Division 2 and 4th November for Division 3 with the winning teams from each region being invited to play in a final series to determine the Division Champions. The final round-robin series will be at CNSW HQ at Mackey Park, Tempe (Sydney) 16th-17th November (Division 2) and 9th-10th November (Division 3).


Teams comprise 4 players and each match against another club consists of two team members in a doubles match and the other two team members in singles matches. All three matches are best of three 13-point games with no specified time limits.

Games / Results

Division 2

Nelson Bay Samurai

versus Maitland (home), 2nd March, Won 2-1

Sandy Tawa 7-4 / 7-5, Cheryl Lloyd 7-1 / forfeit, Karen Lilly / Peter Gordon 6-7 / 5-7

versus Nelson Bay Kingsley (home), tbc

versus Newcastle National Park A (home), tbc

versus EDSACC (away), tbc

Nelson Bay Kingsley

versus Nelson Bay Kingsley (home), tbc

versus Maitland (away), tbc

versus EDSACC (away), tbc

versus Newcastle National Park B (home), tbc

Division 3

Nelson Bay Fingal

versus Toronto Tornados (home), 1st March, Won 2-1

Jan Puckeridge 7-4 / 5-7 / 7-4, Warren Sharp 7-6 / 6-7 / 7-6, Kay Smith / Barry Elliott 2-7 / 5-7

versus Nelson Bay Birubi (home), tbc

versus Maitland (away), tbc

versus EDSACC (home), tbc

versus Toronto Typhoons (away), tbc

versus Newcastle National Park (away), tbc


Nelson Bay Birubi

versus EDSACC (away), 1st March, Won 2-1

Liz Friend 3-7 / 7-1 / 7-5, Rae Uptin 7-5 / 7-2, Sherry Gordon / Rae Black 7-5 / 3-7 / 2-7

versus Toronto Typhoons (home), 4th March, Won 2-1

Liz Friend 7-5 / 7-2; Rae Uptin 7-4 / 7-6; Rae Black /Sherry Gordon 7-5 / 6-7 / 2-7

versus Toronto Tornados (away), 10th March, Won 2-1

Liz Friend 7-5 / 7-2; Rae Uptin 7-4 / 7-6; Rae Black /Sherry Gordon 7-5 / 6-7 / 2-7

versus Nelson Bay Fingal (home), tbc

versus Maitland (home), tbc

versus Newcastle National Park (home), tbc

Rae Uptin runs a hoop for Division 3 Birubi

Division 3 Birubi against Maitland

Kay Smith in action for Division 3 Fingal

Division 3 Fingal against Toronto Tornados

The State Pennant shirts were provided with the assistance of a grant from Port Stephens Council (plus a payment from the selected players) - the Club also thanks Total Work Wear for their sponsorship.

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