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A typical playing session


Our golf croquet playing sessions run for about three hours, and involve three games with a tea break between the second and third games.  Players can just turn up for a game, but must arrive 30 minutes before the start of play to enable us to determine the number of courts required.  


There is usually a random draw for partners and opponents, though on occasion handicap events are run.  Most games will be doubles, but depending on numbers there may be some singles games.


The details of session times can be found on the club calendar page.


Further information on what is involved each session is given on our FAQs page.


Croquet etiquette


Here are a few ways to ensure games run smoothly and everyone enjoys them:

  • If play has started, walk around the boundary to reach your allocated lawn, not across a lawn in play.

  • When playing on a double-banked court, always be aware of the other game.

  • If both games need the same hoop, don't keep the others waiting too long, and mark quickly once the hoop has been run.

  • Make sure you remember your ball colour and the sequence of hoops.

  • If your ball leaves the court, retrieve it as soon as possible, after first checking that you're not walking across the line of another player about to strike their ball.

  • Always allow the striker clear vision - don't stand in their line of swing, and try to avoid throwing a shadow across someone's line of play.

  • Remain quiet when a striker is preparing their shot.

  • Always carry at least two markers in your pocket, and don't use coins.

  • Never move another player's ball unless specifically requested to.

  • If your game finishes first, vacate the lawn as quickly as possible, collecting your balls without disturbing the other game.

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