Margaret & Tommy Thompson Trophy: Rules of Competition


The Margaret & Tommy Thompson Trophy is an annual level play singles golf croquet competition open to all Nelson Bay Croquet Club members and is conducted as set out in the “Australian Laws Book” of the Australian Croquet Association Inc., and taking into account the General Competition Rules of the Club.

The Golf Croquet Singles Tournament will be a non-handicap event (ie. “level play”). For this reason, the tournament will be played in three grades determined by handicaps: 

  • A Grade is for handicaps -6 to 6

  • B Grade is for handicaps 7-9

  • C Grade is for handicaps 10-20


Each grade will play on separate days, with the winner of each competition to be named club champion for their Grade. The winner of A Grade will be the winner of the Thompson Trophy.

If in any year there are less than 6 entries in the A Grade or B Grade competitions, then entries will be allowed from players in lower grades.


The dates of the competition will be set each year depending on the Club competition schedule. For 2020, the dates are:

  • A Grade - Sunday 27th June

  • B Grade - Sunday 25th July

  • C Grade - Sunday 15th August

Winners of the Margaret & Tommy Thompson Trophy
A Grade
Pam Barnwell
Trevor Black
Trevor Black
Trevor Black
Tony Mumford
Lloyd Peake
Mollie Carter
Barrie Carter
Mollie Carter
B Grade
Peter Gordon
Jim Timbs
Peter Gordon
Susan Timbs
Mel Butler
C Grade
Rae Uptin
Laurie Lawson
Liz Friend
Jeanette Robertson
David Wilson