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Club colours and uniform


The Club colours are Navy Blue and White.


All players must wear covered flat soled footwear when playing. The club uniform is Navy Blue trousers/shorts and White or Navy Blue shirts with the club logo. Club uniform will be worn at all Club, Inter-club, or State, Interstate, National and Official events. At practice times, social occasions and special days the dress code may be relaxed and casual attire may be worn.


White or Navy Blue shirts with the club logo are available from either:

Players are encouraged to wear hats and suitable protective clothing in the summer months. Sun block and insect repellent are available in the clubhouse for members use.

Croquet mallet


  1. A mallet consists of a head with a shaft firmly connected to its mid-point and at right angles to it for at least the bottom 12 inches (305 mm), so that they function as one unit during play.

  2. A grip of any material may be attached to the shaft, but neither it nor the shaft shall be moulded with an impression of any part of the player's hands.

  3. The head must be rigid. It must have essentially identical playing characteristics regardless of which end is used to strike the ball. The parts of the ends which are flat are known as the end faces, which must be parallel and identical, though fine grooves and minor deviations are permitted. Both the end faces and their edges must be of a shape and material unlikely to damage the balls.

  4. No mirrors, pointers or other devices intended to assist the aiming or playing of a stroke may be attached to any part of the mallet. However, the shaft need not be straight and the head may bear sighting lines.

  5. A disabled player may use a mallet with an appropriately modified shaft or artificial aids providing that no advantage is gained thereby compared to a player without that disability using a conventional mallet.

  6. A mallet may not be exchanged for another during a game, unless it suffers accidental damage which significantly affects its use or it becomes unavailable. A damaged mallet may only be used if the striker gains no advantage thereby. The playing characteristics of a mallet may never be changed during a game, except to restore its initial state following a change to it. If the head is detachable from the shaft, neither may be exchanged except as provided in this rule.

Download this guide to buying a mallet (courtesy Cammeray Croquet Club):






Equipment suppliers


A full list of croquet equipment suppliers is available at

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