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Q: Is the club taking new members?

A: Yes, the Club is always keen to welcome new members.


Q: I have never played before, how can I have a go?

A: In the first instance contact the Club by email or telephone to get advice about introductory lessons from one of our qualified coaches.


Q: Do I need my own mallet?

A: No, the Club has a number of mallets that can be used free of charge. However, most members do choose to own their own and we can advise on the right size and recommend a good supplier.


Q: Do I have to wear any special clothes?

A: On normal playing days we wear a 'mix and match' navy blue and white colour code, plus flat shoes so as to not damage the lawns.


Q: Am I too old?

A: Absolutely not. The Club is open to all ages.


Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: Not especially, but you must be capable of walking around the court for an hour or so, and of using a mallet. Many of our members have previously played tennis or golf and find croquet a less demanding option.


Q: I have heard that there are different versions of croquet - what does the Club play?

A: We mostly play golf croquet, with games of ricochet and association depending on demand/interest.


Q: When do you play?

A: We play five days a week - games of Golf Croquet on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, and Friday afternoons; Ricochet on Tuesday and Friday mornings; and Association on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. 


Q: How long does a playing session last?

A: We normally play three games per session, with a break for tea/coffee after the second game - each game is about 45 minutes so it takes less than three hours in total.  Players do not have to play all 3 games - it is also possible to play just one or two games in a session.


Q: Do I have to come all the time?

A: No - you can choose to come to all sessions, or to none - members fit their croquet in around lots of other activities, including their extended holidays.


Q: Are the games very competitive?

A: Most of our games are social, but throughout the year we run a number of competitions, including handicap events so all have a chance.


Q: What facilities does the Club have?

A: We have four professionally maintained full sized courts. There is a small Clubhouse with indoor and sheltered outdoor areas - tables, chairs, tea and coffee making facilities etc, plus male and female toilets in a nearby location.


Q: Can I come and practice outside the normal playing times?

A: Yes, this is quite possible but it involves borrowing keys to access the equipment.


Q: How do I keep in touch with what is happening in the Club?  

A: Through emails, this website, and a bi-monthly newsletter. These provide information and news on what is happening in the Club in a timely and efficient manner.


Q: What does it cost?

A: Our annual fee is currently $145, and there is a $7 per day playing fee; also, there is a one-off joining fee of $50 that includes registration with Croquet NSW.


Q: Do I have to help out in any way?

A: There are certainly things that members DO help with, such clearing the lawns before play. However, this is very much on an 'as able and willing' basis and there is definitely no compulsion.

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