The Club is fortunate to have eight fully accredited coaches:


Trevor Black is Head Coach for golf and association croquet.  He is an accredited coach in all three forms of the game we play (golf, association and ricochet) and is an accredited golf croquet referee.

Margaret Thompson is Head Coach and Club Captain for ricochet.  She has been coaching for nearly 20 years, and is accredited for golf, ricochet and association.  Margaret is also an accredited referee in the three forms of the game, and is an examining referee for golf and ricochet.

Susan Timbs  is a golf croquet coach of several years experience who has conducted the introductory lessons for many our recent new members.

We had four members achieve accreditation as golf croquet coaches in 2018 and who achieved re-accreditation in 2021:

   Karen Lilly

   Cheryl Lloyd

   Sandy Tawa

   David Wilson

We had one member achieve accreditation as golf croquet coaches in 2021:

   Peter Gordon


Our coaches conduct a series of three two-hour sessions for those new to the sport of croquet who are interested in joining the club.  These are provided at a cost of $30.


Trevor and Margaret provide additional coaching to existing members who are seeking to improve their skills.  These may be separately organised sessions, or short skill-specific drills during the break in a normal playing session.

Trevor Black conducting a refresher update

Attentive members