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Rules for Golf Croquet Club Competitions

Nelson Bay Croquet Club competitions are open to all ordinary, life and junior members of the Club.  They are conducted as set out in the "Australian Laws Book" of the Australian Croquet Association, except in respect to any modifications made under the local rules listed below.


Competitions will be administered by a Competition Committee (chaired by the Club Captain) who will be the final arbiters in all matters concerning the competition.

Entries close at 12noon on the Friday before each competition, unless otherwise specified.


Conditions of Play

  • Entries will the limited to 16 players (singles) or 16 pairs (doubles).

  • The competition will not be played if there are less that 6 players/pairs entered.

  • Players must be at the club 30 minutes prior to the starting.

  • Players to pay 1 token to play in a competition.

  • Games will be13 hoop games played on full size courts. 

  • Games will be scheduled for 50 minutes or 1 hour each (depending on the number of entries) with a 10 minute break between games. If at the end of the allotted time, players are equal on hoops, one more hoop must be played to determine the winner of that game.

  • Games will normally be self-refereed, though a referee may be appointed if available.  In the event of disagreement on an issue, an immediate ruling may be requested by raising a mallet

  • If games are double-banked, matches will be self-timed. Timers will be provided for each game.

  • If games are not double-banked, a central timer will be used and play will finish on the bell.

  • If games are double-banked, secondary colours will commence when the primary colours have cleared Hoop 2.

  • Scoring clips are to be used.

  • Where the number of entries are such that a preliminary round is required, players/pairs will be seeded into blocks.

  • For handicap competitions, the advantage system will be used.

  • Handicap cards are to be completed for singles competitions and the Blowes Shield but not normally to be completed in other Club competitions.


Competition Draw

  • The draw will be done immediately prior to play by the tournament manager.

  • The number of rounds and blocks to be played will be determined by the number of competition entries.

  • If blocks (A, B, C, D etc) are required, players/pairs will be ranked by handicap to determine the seeding to blocks.

  • Once the draw has been completed and competition has commenced, no substitutions can be made.


Competition Winner 


  • If there is no preliminary group stage, the player/pair who win the most number of matches will be declared the winner of the competition. If there is a tie on games, the winner is the player/pair with the most net hoops. If a tie still exists, the winner is the one who won the game between the two players/pairs.

  • If two groups are required due to the number of entries, a play-off between the winners of the two groups will determine the winner of the competition.

  • If three groups are required due to the number of entries, a round-robin play-off between the winners of each group will determine the champion.

  • If four groups are required due to the number of entries, semi-finals then a final will be played to determine the champion.  Players/pairs will be allocated randomly to the semi-final matches.

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