With the permission of Port Stephens Council, the Club is able to resume play under very strict guidelines and on a carefully managed level. All playing sessions must be pre-booked through David Wilson, by mobile 0476 158 555 or e-mail David_Wilson@internode.on.net


We need YOUR help!! If you have items that need to be communicated to other members of the Club, please e-mail them to David Wilson at David_Wilson@internode.on.net

Also, if you have photographs of members and/or Club events, please e-mail them to Karen Lilly at chaz.kaz@bigpond.com 

Division 3 Pennants Final

Winter Doubles

Division 2 Pennants Final

Gala Day

Ricochet Competition

Thompson Trophy

    A Grade

    B Grade

    C Grade

Blowes Shield

Division 1 Pennants Final

Handicap Singles

9th-10th November

Date to be advised

16th-17th November

Date to be advised

Date to be advised


Date to be advised

Date to be advised

Date to be advised

Sunday 27th September

Monday 19th-22nd October

Sunday 25th October

Liz & Barry after the final

The fin lists receive their awards and prizes

The garden fairies at work

Installation in progress

Seats on eastern wall

Seat on southern boundary

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