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Nelson Bay Croquet Club has been established for 24 years. It is located in the Blue Water Paradise of Port Stephens, just north of Newcastle, NSW. Membership is open to all who are interested in the game, and visitors are warmly welcomed.

Members play all the three internationally recognised forms of Croquet – Golf, Ricochet and Association. The Club plays both social and competitive games five days each week on four professionally maintained full sized courts and has a small clubhouse on-site. We also have an active program of social events.

Playing schedule available here:
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With the permission of Port Stephens Council, the Club is able to resume play under very strict guidelines and on a carefully managed level. 

Details of the current Club calendar of play are available at:


We need YOUR help!! If you have items that need to be communicated to other members of the Club, please e-mail them to David Wilson at David_Wilson@internode.on.net

Also, if you have photographs of members and/or Club events, please e-mail them to Karen Lilly at chaz.kaz@bigpond.com 




The Club competitions have been scheduled as follows:

Gala Day - Thursday 17th June

Thompson Trophy

-    A Grade - Sunday 27th June

-    B Grade - Sunday 25th July

-    C Grade - Sunday 15th August


Ricochet Competition June/July


Blowes Shield - Sunday 10th October


Further details nearer the date of each competition.

NSW State Pennants 2021


Monday 17th May (12:00noon)

Wednesday 19th May (12:00noon)

Sunday 23rd May (12:30pm)

Sunday 30th May (11:00am)

Sunday 6th June (12:00 noon)

Monday 7th June (12:00noon)

Sunday 13th June (11:00am)

Wednesday 23rd June (11:30am)

Monday 12th July

Wednesday 14th July

Sunday 18th July (12:30pm)

Monday 26th July (12:30am)

Saturday 31st July (12:30pm)

Sunday 29th August (12:30pm)


NB Kingsley vs Maitland (away)

NB Kingsley vs Maitland (home)

NB Fingal vs NB Birubi (home)

NB Birubi vs EDSACC Red (away)

NB Samurai vs NB Kingsley (home)

Nb Kingsley vs NB Samurai (home)

NB Birubi vs Newcastle NP (home)

NB Fingal vs Toronto Tornadoes (away)

NB Kingsley vs Newcastle NP

NB Kingsley vs Newcastle NP

NB Fingal Toronto Torpedoes (home)

NB Fingal vs EDSACC White (away)

NB Fingal vs Newcastle NP (away)

NB Fingal vs EDSACC Red (home)

Christmas Bush Bash

Friday 19th November - Monday 22nd November


The Club is hosting the inaugural Christmas Bush Bash, a Golf Croquet Open Doubles Tournament for members and visitors from other clubs.

Further details here:



Taree Croquet Club

14th-16th May 2021

Taree Croquet Club hosted the NSW Golf Croquet Handicap Singles State Championship from 14th to 16th May 2021. 6 players from around the State entered but the Championship was willing contested despite the modest numbers. Peter Gordon entered from Nelson Bay and he won the day.


Peter won 8 from 10 games as did Bernie McAlary (Wollongong) but Peter was declared the winner on hoop count back..

Congratulations to Peter, great win.


16th May 2021

The Winter Doubles attracted entries from 28 members giving 14 randomly drawn teams. The teams were seeded into 2 blocks of 4 and one block of 6 with all blocks playing a round of 3 games.

Block A was won by Trevor Black & Jenny Turner with 3 wins from Victor Goodsir & Tony Knife on 2 wins. Block B was won by Kay Smith & Anke Crick with 2 wins but on hoop count back from David Wilson & Ros Slaughter. Block C was won by Rae Uptin & Ian Spight with 3 wins but on hoop count back from Linda Butler & Bob Jackson.


In the semi-finals, Rae & Ian beat Kay & Anke 5-1 while Linda & Bob beat Trevor & Jenny 4-3. In the final, Linda & Bob triumphed 5-2 over Rae & Ian.

Well done, Linda & Bob.

Winter Doubles.jpg

Bob Jackson and Linda Butler


Taree Croquet Club

12th-14th May 2021

Taree Croquet Club hosted the NSW Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles State Championship from 12th to 14th May 2021. 22 players from around the State entered with three teams travelling from Nelson Bay: Cheryl Lloyd & Jim Ball, Sherry & Peter Gordon, and Kay Smith & Rae Uptin.

Sherry & Peter finished top after the round-robin, winning 9 of 10 games and only losing to the Nelson Bay pair of Cheryl & Jim. Cheryl & Jim finished 2nd with 7 wins to also qualify for the semi-final play-offs, while Kay & Rae finished 7th with 4 wins to qualify for the 5th to 8th play-off.

In the semi-finals, Sherry & Peter beat Phil Monds & Darren Warner (EDSACC) 7-6 while Cheryl & Jim beat Lesley Salzmann & Jill Sullivan (Sutherland) 7-6 to produce an all Nelson Bay final. Cheryl & Jim won the final 7-5 to become NSW Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles State Champions.

In the 5th to 8th play-off Kay & Rae beat Lorraine Sheargold & John Reynolds (EDSACC) 7-3 and then Helen Chalmers & Ruth Mulvaney (Toronto) 7-6 to finish 5th.

A great result for the Nelson Bay Croquet Club with 1st, 2nd and 5th positions in a State Championship.

Congratulations to Cheryl & Jim, Sherry & Peter and Kay & Rae.

SD 1.jpg

Sherry, Peter, Rae, Jim, Kay and Cheryl outside the Taree Clubhouse

SD 2.jpg
SD 3.jpg

Cheryl & Jim (left) and Sherry & Peter (right) receive their winner and runner-up awards



12th-16th May 2021

Sandy Tawa played in the Australian Open Golf Croquet Singles, featuring the best croquet players in Australia. The championship was played in Cairnlea, Victoria from 12th-16th May. Sandy did not make the cut from her bottom seeding, but 3 of her 5 wins (from 16 games) were against the top 3 seeds and she had 5 6-7 losses. A fabulous showing in an Australian Championship.

Sandy Tawa.jpg

Sandy Tawa


4th-7th May 2021

Taree Croquet Club organised their club's annual Wild Fig Carnival from 4th to 7th May 2021. The carnival comprises both singles and doubles Golf Croquet handicap play. 36 players from around the State entered the carnival.

Liz Friend, Cheryl Lloyd, Sandy Tawa and Rae Uptin from Nelson Bay travelled to Taree for the carnival. Cheryl and Sandy were seeded on handicap into Block A of the singles and partnered each other in Block A of the doubles. Liz was seeded into Block C of the singles and Rae into Block D and they partnered each other in Block B of the doubles, 

Sandy & Cheryl won the Block A Doubles being unbeaten, winning 8 from 8 games, while Sandy won the Block A Singles winning 6 from 7 games. Rae was runner-up in the Block D Singles winning 6 from 8 games, the same number of wins as winner Lyn Gleeson of Smithtown but coming 2nd  on hoop count back

Taree 1.jpg

Sandy, Liz, Rae and Cheryl outside the Taree Clubhouse

Taree 3.jpg

Cheryl and Sandy receive their awards

Rae receives her awards

Taree 2.jpg

Sherry, Peter, Rae, Jim, Kay and Cheryl outside the Taree Clubhouse


26th-29th April 2021

Forster Croquet Club organised the club's annual Autumn Carnival from 26th to 29th April 2021. The carnival comprises both singles and doubles Golf Croquet handicap play. 48 players from around the State entered the carnival.


Cheryl Lloyd and Sandy Tawa from Nelson Bay travelled to Forster for the carnival and both were seeded in Block B. In the doubles, Cheryl was partnered with Ros Johnstone of Sutherland and they were unbeaten to win the Block B Doubles. In the singles, Sandy won 8 of 11 games to finish runner-up to Bruce Glasgow of Toronto who won 9 games.

Well done, Cheryl & Sandy.

Forster 2.jpg

Cheryl receives her award for winning Block B Doubles

Sandy receives her award for runner-up Block B Singles