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Winter Doubles

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Thompson Trophy

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Blowes Shield

Division 1 Pennants Final

Handicap Singles

Sunday 8th March

11th-13th May

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Sunday 28th June

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The new lawns are laid and the updated facility is taking shape

A time sequence of the redevelopment from the felling of trees in October to the laying of the new lawn in December

Annual Christmas/Presentation Dinner

Monday 2nd December 2019

Soldiers Point Bowling Club

Just over 30 members and guests attended the annual Christmas/ Presentation Dinner at Soldiers Point Bowling Club.


A great night was had by all with magical entertainment provided by Joel D. The night also featured the official presentation of the club competition trophies.

The annual competition awards: Trevor Black (Thompson Trophy A Grade), Laurie Lawson (Thompson Trophy C Grade) and Jan Puckeridge / Kay Smith (Blowes Shield).

Jim Timbs (Thompson Trophy B Grade) and

Barrie Carter (Ricochet) were not available

Karen Lilly presents her annual humorous mallet awards

Joel D entertains with his magic tricks

Judy McDermott receives the President's Award at the clubhouse

Annual Court Maintenance

14th November 2019

The annual court maintenance, verti-drain (type of coring) and scarifying, was carried out on Thursday 14th November 2019.

A team of volunteers organised by Allen Lees assisted the contractor by clearing the dead grass after the scarifying.

Members assist in the maintenance work

Scarifying then top dressing

.... and there was time for some croquet

Melbourne Cup

5th November 2019

As is the usual custom, members dressed-up for Melbourne Cup, with prizes for the best dressed awarded at a special morning tea.

A sweepstake was organised even though members departed the courts well before the great race. Trevor Black was still paying out the winners a week later!!

A great showing on the day

Members dressed for the Cup

Mosman Prize

1st-3rd November 2019

Cheryl Lloyd and Sandy Tawa represented NBCC in the Mosman Prize, considered the most prestigious club competition in NSW and which attracts top players from across the state.

Cheryl topped her pool winning 6 of 7 games while Sandy won 2 games in her pool.

Cheryl then went onto to win the competition:

beating Richard Westgarth (Mosman) 7-6 in quarter-final

beating Greg Deakin (Killara) 7-0 in semi-final

beating David Sneddon (Mosman) 7-4 in final

Congratulations to Cheryl on a great win and to both Cheryl and Sandy on representing NBCC with distinction.

Cheryl receives the Mosman Prize

Cheryl runs a hoop

Mosman Prize Finalists

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